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Our private lesson schedule is currently full. To join our wait list, please fill out our new client questionnaire (be sure to include your location and availability), and we will reach out when something opens up in your area that matches your schedule.

All private lessons are customized to fit your lifestyle and home environment. Our trainers strive to provide you with exercises that can be practiced during your regular dog-related responsibilities (i.e. walks, feeding, etc.), minimizing your need to block out additional time for training. We begin lessons in the comfort of your home and eventually progress to field trips, where we can simulate real-world situations. It is important to remember that training is a process, one that must be done at your dog's pace to help him/her build confidence through incremental success. Sometimes this takes days, and sometimes it can take months. Timing depends on the dog, but more importantly, your ability to consistently practice between lessons.


How to Get Started with Private Lessons

  1. Review our FAQs, Terms of Service and Waiver of Liability

  2. Fill out our New Client Questionnaire

  3. Our trainers will contact you to schedule a free, 30-minute meet & greet

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