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Our goal is that you and your dog learn how to become a more confident team through a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding. We believe in using evidence-based, positive reinforcement training methods, empowering you and your dog to navigate real-world situations without the need for physical force, fear or aversive training tools. We focus on teaching the "why" behind the "how" of dog training concepts, enabling you to become a better advocate for a valued member of your family.


All behavior change plans are contingent upon three things:

  1. Training—teaching dogs how to perform various behaviors by making good choices

  2. Management—preventing dogs from practicing unwanted behaviors

  3. Enrichment—giving dogs an appropriate outlet for behavior that is normal to their species


Whether you are looking to help your dog overcome a new fear, compete in the show ring, or simply master basic manners, we will provide you with the training, management, and enrichment solutions that you need to reach your goals.

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